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Dual-Space Phase-Recovery Imaging 

Be careful: what you see may be not there!

Illumination direction multiplexing Fourier ptychographic microscopy using hemispherical digital condensers, M. Alotaibi, S. Skinner-Ramos, A. Alamri, B. Alharbi, M. Alfarraj, and L. Grave de Peralta, Applied Optics 56, 4052-4057 (2017).

Laser-based dual-space microscopy, M. Alotaibi, R. Gedies, A. Alzayed, F. Aldawsary, D. Dominguez, and L. Grave de Peralta, Optics Communications 402, 662-667 (2017).

Simulation study of dual-space microscopy, D. B. Desai, M. V. Zhelyeznyakov, S. A. S. Alanzi, and L. Grave de Peralta, Applied Optics 55, 7294-7300 (2016).

Super-resolution imaging of photonics crystals using the dual-space microscopy technique, D. B. Desai, S. Sen, M. V. Zhelyeznyakov, W. Alenazy, and L. Grave de Peralta, Applied Optics 55, 3929-3934 (2016).

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